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Marketing Plan Strategy


When your marketing plan
not working, what is the path to an effective strategy?

The most popular solution is to hire an agency to improve your marketing and generate new opportunities. Ideally, this would eliminate the “friction” of marketing, and everything would run smoothly and profitably.

In fact, more than 70 percent of marketing agency initiatives fail. And 84 percent of the campaigns’ economic return barely breaks even.

Traditional agencies are not built to solve strategic growth problems. They can only scale up what you have and what is already working.

Traditional agencies do not make themselves accountable for results on revenue: they charge based on outputs delivered or “vanity metrics” and not based on the key indicators of your business, such as increasing the number of prospects or sales.

They take charge of the design of a brochure, the total number of likes on a social media page, the number of followers, the number of website visits or the number of downloads of an app, without considering how they actually affect business growth or what the Real impact on your bottom line.

Instead, our marketing strategy works on concrete and measurable goals in terms of business performance. We called our GPS Method and it helps you identify the right coordinates to build an effective model on which to base your marketing and sales plan to increase your sales and scale your business within 12 months.
Here’s how it works.

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How does our strategy work to create your 2024 Marketing Plan?

Our GPS Method involves. 3 project phases., modular and scalable, so as to evaluate the results immediately after the first 12 days and decide whether to discontinue or continue. We will start with your marketing plan with your complete strategy on positioning, visibility, lead generation and customer retention. The second phase will serve as “proof of concept” to immediately test the acceleration of your performance through the first quick wins. The third phase will be the one that will allow you to achieve the set goals e scale your business, increasing sales and revenue within the first 12 months.

Our method
GPS 12.12.12.
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    In the first 12 days we create your Go-To-Market strategy using our proven growth formula to differentiate you from the crowd.

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    Once the coordinates for growth are identified, we build a machine that can quickly generate leads and sales opportunities.

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    We reduce friction in your marketing, implement data-driven optimizations and create vertical product campaigns to rapidly scale your business within 12 months.

Go-To-Market Strategy

At the end of the first 12 days of work, you will immediately get your Go-To-Market strategy to differentiate you from your competitors. This analysis phase will be used to understand your business, study your competitors and plan your growth strategy. We will provide you with a complete mapping of your marketing plan, including your site, business channels, demand generation process, and acquisition of new business opportunities.

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Perform Lead Generation & Sales Pipeline

This is the quick win phase where activities are implemented that will quickly bring the first results in terms of leads on target and new sales opportunities. We will also create the structural and process foundations to achieve and consolidate goals in the medium to long term.

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Scale Your Business with Revenue Growth

Over the next 12 months, through techniques and processes tested on more than 100 successful projects, we will work with you and your team on the consolidation of results of your growth plan, with the goal of increasing by 100 percent your online visibility and your ability to generate “sales ready” leads, thus giving a strong boost to turnover Of your company.

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Is your business growth stalled for any of these reasons?

  • You lack a real strategy to create a marketing plan and sales

    There is no defined plan with respect to where you are and where you want to go, and you are wasting money on inefficient tactics by, for example, focusing only on paid advertising.

  • Your website does not performa

    You need to generate more high-quality sales opportunities, but your site has a poor message and no clear path to conversions. You’ve thought about investing in a site redesign, but will that solve your problems?

  • Your marketing team is not working in synergy with the sales team

    Effective sales action requires significant guidance, alignment and monitoring of actions managed by marketing & sales teams.

  • Your sales team has poor or insufficient performance

    Your sales managers are wasting time talking to inadequate leads, failing to close deals; all while their prospect research falls short of your expectations.

  • Your content is at best ineffective

    You posted blog articles, social content and emails as you were told you should do, but they didn’t accomplish anything because they didn’t help increase revenue.

  • You’re stuck with a marketing agency that doesn’t have a plan

    You see no end to the heavy investment you are currently making with your marketing agency. They are not fully aligned with your company’s goals and do not provide you with tools to assess the real return on investment relative to your revenue.

– Trust Circle –
What they say about us
  • Cristina Bargiacchi

    Member of Board & Marketing Manager, Sinergest

    “ESC found practical solutions to complex needs to bring our potential to fruition. It helped us simplify our extreme complexity. We started with a meticulous analysis with the goal of gradually digitizing the marketing & sales processes, integrating the various activities and mapping our database and content. We arrived at a complete redesign of the customer journey and a truly high-performing site, allowing us to activate additional lead generation and nurturing strategies. Expertise, listening, helpfulness and the ability to find simple solutions to complex needs really make a difference.”


  • Luca Mongiorgi

    CMO / Associate Founder, Iungo

    “What I have found really extraordinary about this agency is their ability to help our internal production team create a communications strategy that has become a real catalyst for sales opportunities over time. It has been 5 years since we implemented HubSpot and they still support us and push us to improve. Always looking for the most effective solution to overcome the challenges that, a fast-growing company like ours, faces in an increasingly complex market. Thank you to the entire Esc team!”


  • Paolo Guardamagna

    Founder & Senior Consultant, Alens

    “Alens has recently begun its journey toward the digital transformation of its marketing and sales activities, and to do so it has chosen to rely on ESC. Top professionals who are working with us on culture, processes and technology. Right from the start we have reaped important benefits and that change of pace that is essential to keep up with the competition. We will certainly continue our journey with them to achieve a challenging goal: to become a leader in our target market..”


  • Cristina Danelatos

    Corporate Communication, Montenegro Group

    “ESC is a very competent partner that is easy to work with. Their input has been instrumental in building tailored and effective communication to support our cultural journey.”


  • Tiziana Tosi

    CEO, Micro Systems

    “Micro Systems began its collaboration with ESC back in 2019, activating a new website and integrating HubSpot for inbound marketing activities. Even today, in 2023, they not only continue to support us with great professionalism, providing us with valuable advice to “adapt” our way of communicating to the web, but also continue to pass on all the necessary skills with respect to marketing that is always evolving. Great experience, they are a good team: young, dynamic and very well organized. 10 and praise!”


  • Margaret Biagini

    Resp. Marketing, Guam Seaweed Mud.

    “I have worked with Esc on numerous projects over many years across different digital channels, and I can honestly say that any agency resource would be welcome in any marketing and communications team. Esc’s work produces real value for our company: every resource involved works with professionalism, passion and attention to detail. It is still a pleasure to work with this agency on both a business and personal level. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”


Create your Marketing Plan
and Increase Sales

Schedule a 15-minute online meeting: we will explain how our method works and evaluate together whether it can also be suitable for the growth of your business.

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